Luke McFarland Wins First Mint Julep Award

Mint Juleps Kitchen is honoring Luke McFarland the first ever Mint Julep Award, Monday May 21st from 5-7pm.  
We believe Mr. McFarland’s commitment to literature , our students and this community  is outstanding!  We are so very fortunate to have Mr. McFarland in our county, community, classroom, dinner table conversations and jokes.   The work that goes into One Morgan Writers’ Workshop and MCFEPE:  organizing and recruiting authors for a reading is a gigantic task.   Young and old Mr. McFarland is opening our imaginations, minds and hearts that inspire all of us to dream.  That is enough to win the award all by its self,  but he then has gone so much further in our community by encouraging people of Morgan County to visit our local restaurants, churches, and farms for the readings.  
This award is a real honor for us to present to Mr. McFarland as his contribution is what makes Morgan County Schools and community shine.  A lot of effort went into the readings and has created magic in so many ways.    Below are the authors, musicians and locations:
Will Garland Reading @ the Chris Lambert House
Will Garland Reading @ Chophouse
Tina Mozelle Braziel Reading @ Mint Juleps
Unbreakable Bloodline @ Morgan County Middle School ’16
Unbreakable Bloodline @ Morgan County Middle School ’17
Vernon Cruz (of UBL) (Fufu Demon Bear Thesis Reading 1) @ Mint Juleps 
Coleman Barks, Gaelynn Lea, and Poncho Mac at The Madison Morgan Cultural Center
Jon Holman @ Icehouse Creative
Student Thesis Reading #2 @ Icehouse Creative
Jamieson Gregg @ Empire Mills
Jamieson Gregg @ Farmview Market
Julia Elliott @ Ricardo’s
Julia Elliott, Mark Powell, Jamieson Ridenhour, Ray McManus, and Thomas Mullen, with music by Ella Ryann and Poncho Mac @ Variety Works
Fufu Demon Bear Thesis Reading 2 @ Variety Works 
Justin Tussing Reading @ Mint Juleps
Susan Vizzuraga, Taylor Ashe, Krystal Cronic, and Luke McFarland with Ella Ryann @ the Presbyterian Church
Joshilyn Jackson @ the Episcopal Church
Laurel Snyder @ Morgan County Middle School Media Center 
Student Thesis Reading #1 2017 @ Town Park
Megan Sexton @ Perk Avenue
Bill Pitts @ The Episcopal House
Jamieson Ridenhour @ 100 Acre Farm